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ESTATE PLANNING is the process of organising your assets so that they may be transferred from one generation to the next, with optimal efficiency and in accordance with your wishes, on death.


There is always a place for “simple wills” in estate planning however more comprehensive planning may be required due to increasing levels of savings, growth in superannuation, failed relationships, extended families, changing legislation and taxation. 

Incorporating flexibility within your plan, by including features such as testamentary and discretionary trusts, increases the probability that your assets will pass with the greatest tax efficiency and in accordance with your wishes.


On death, your wishes and instructions are always subject to challenge by potential beneficiaries, however with careful planning the likelihood of a successful challenge can be minimised.


Any assets which are excluded from your estate may not be subject to challenge by potential beneficiaries.  These may include jointly held assets, company assets, trusts and in many cases, superannuation.


If you have business interests you should also consider a business succession plan to ensure continuity of the business or enterprise.

The laws governing estate planning vary between states, adding further complexity, particularly for people moving from state to state.

A relatively modest investment in professional planning now, could provide substantial savings in future tax and legal costs.


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